Fanheadblend, 2020. Single channel moving image. 1:20 minutes.

Fanheadblend displays an animated photogrammetry model of a body and pedestal fan-head rotating in the program blendr. The two bodies in the moving image appear to be fused together, as the software has interpreted some thresholds between surfaces as one continuous object. This offers an interesting proposition in terms of considering the relationship between body and object from the perspective of a virtual object (the programs: Metashape and blendr). The resulting 3D model blurs the boundaries between entities, suggesting a ‘flat-ontology’ where material bodies (human, non-human and otherwise) are equal participants in a queer ecology. While avoiding reductive anthropocentrism, these programs can map alternative ways of affecting and being affected as well as how to exist alongside materials with more sensitivity, and an expanded sense of potential and hope. This work speaks to the way virtual bodies can assist in speculating symbiotic relationships between human and non-human bodies and aims to illustrate how we might adapt to coexist in times of material and ecological crisis.  

walking while standing still, this landscape landscapes, 2020. Single channel moving image. 6:40 minutes.

  Studio landscape, 2020. Single channel moving image. 5:08 minutes.

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