Tiana Jefferies

During her residency at GlogauAIR, Jefferies is exploring the way architecture and ecology respond to climate. Process led studio experimentation with terracotta, neon paracord and found metal items have produced structures that suggest shelter without being fully enclosed. Jefferies is interested in cultures (human and non-human) that have had time to become intimate with a climate, finding ways to be at home in it. While working in the studio she is asking, what structures and structures of feeling will we need to bring with us into the future?

Jefferies' practice is shaped by growing up in settler-colonial so-called Australia. She pays respects to First Nations elders past, present, and acknowledges sovereignty was never ceded.

The Lord Mayor’s Creative Fellowships are an initiative of Brisbane City Council  

Photographs by Giulia Gr © 2023 All rights reserved to GlogauAIR gGmbH

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