entwined as others 

entwined as others is a collaboration between Helen Hardess and Tiana Jefferies, combining their shared art practices of casting, collecting, assembling and collaborative action. They reference the Old Lock Up’s history as a space of transition, marginalised bodies, punitive architecture and unequal power relations.

The installation’s materials are in part drawn from the margins of usefulness in an attempt to destabilise anthropocentric power relations. Such as:

Blacksmithed metal (by a novice)

Welded steel

Homemade bee hotels (constructed and deconstructed) Hempcrete birdbath (turned over)

Dessicated coffee grounds

Concrete impressions

Plaster reliefs

Salvaged wire

Hand dyed fabric fragments

Native grass bundles


Partial palm root-ball

Cantilevered dowel and assorted fragments

Bollard base

Mud wasp home

Floor sweepings

Compositions of these objects engage with balance, tension, precarity, dependency and synchronicity. In this way, compositions reflect the qualities of ecosystems and an understanding that they are assemblages of human and non-human actors.

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